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Publicació sobre el lesbianisme a l’esport

El capítol “Lesbianism in sport. The heteronormative challenge”, signat per Susanna Soler-Prat, Anna Vilanova, Judith Solanas, Daniel Martos-Garcia, Wenceslao García-Puchades, ha estat publicat al llibre “Sport, Identity and Inclusion in Europe”.

This chapter summarises recent studies on the experiences of lesbian women in sport to provide a better understanding of the body of knowledge on this topic. First, the review provides an overview of research published in English on lesbianism and sport in Europe. Second, it examines the main international studies on lesbianism, focusing on the incidence of heteronormativity and homonegativism in women’s sports. Third, it presents the role of sport as a safe zone for the construction of lesbian women’s identities. The final section explores significant data related to sports participation and the experiences of lesbian women.

Soler-Prat, S., Vilanova, A., Solanas, J., Martos-Garcia, D., & García-Puchades, W. (2022). Lesbianism in sport. The heteronormative challenge. In Sport, Identity and Inclusion in Europe. Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003196761-17

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