Publicació sobre psicologia de l’esport

L’article ‘I was always made fun of for being fat: first-hand accounts of bullying in children’s football‘, signat per Gonzalo Flores, Maria Prat, Carles Ventura i Xènia Ríos ha estat publicat a Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy.

“The study purpose was to explore perceptions of bullying in children’s football (8-13 years) based on the experiences of players, families, and coaches. We conducted a multiple case study. Participants from four football clubs and one coaching academy in Catalonia (Spain) were selected to take part in nine focus group sessions (three for each group: players, families and coaches). Data from the sessions were analyzed by content analysis. Four main categories were identified: (1) type of bullying, (2) causes, (3) sites of occurrence, and (4) feelings and emotions towards bullying. These have included a series of direct quotes to reflect the main contributions made by the three sets of participants (players, parents, and coaches) based on their most significant experiences. The accounts of the participants show the existence of a wide range of bullying situations and experiences and highlight the need for immediate action towards the prevention and eradication of bullying in children’s football.”

Flores-Aguilar, G., Prat, M., Ventura, C. & Ríos-Sisó, X. (2020). ‘I was always made fun of for being fat’: first-hand accounts of bullying in children’s football. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. doi:10.1080/17408989.2020.1826918

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