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Notícia – Oferta post-doctoral a la University of Bath

La University of Bath ofereix una plaça post-doctoral en l’àmbit de l’esport i les Ciències Socials. A continuació hi podeu veure el text de la notícia:

The University of Bath are currently recruiting ‘Prize Fellows’ in a number of disciplines … these are opportunities for post-doctoral researchers to pursue an independent programme of research, including publishing in top quality journals and securing external research grants. We are recruiting for a Fellow in Sport & Social Sciences who will work with us to further strengthen and develop interdisciplinary scholarship on sport, power and social justice–the appointee will sit within the PCS@bath group in the Department of Education (details here: http://www.bath.ac.uk/education/research/programmes/pcs/);

Fellows are initially appointed to a fixed-term Research Fellow post with the expectation of transfer to a permanent lectureship at the end of year two, or exceptionally at the end of year three.


Trobareu més detalls als següents enllaços:



Per a més informació, podeu contactar amb Michael Silk m.silk@bath.ac.uk  o Emma Rich E.Rich@bath.ac.uk

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