Sociology of sport: Spain


Núria Puig i Anna Vilanova han publicat el capítol de llibre amb la següent referència: Puig, N. & Vilanova, A. (2016), Sociology of Sport: Spain, in Kevin Young (ed.) Sociology of Sport: A Global Subdiscipline in Review (Research in the Sociology of Sport, Volume 9) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.285 – 301, DOI 10.1108/S1476-285420160000009020.

A continuació podeu llegir el resum:


The chapter begins by examining the origins of sociology of sport in Spain, which dates back to the transition to democracy, during which period sport became transformed progressively from an object of social concern into an object of sociological study. It then goes on to analyse the main factors of activation in particular processes of university teaching staff accreditation which acted as catalysts for the set of processes that fostered the emergence of sociology of sport in Spain. Lastly, the principal study fields are analysed by grouping them into three areas: sport and society, social attitudes to sport and sport facilities and organisations. In the conclusion, an assessment is made of contributions made to the speciality as well as of sociology of sport’s progressive internationalisation, a rare phenomenon prior to 2005 which is now regarded as a major indicator of the maturity of the discipline.

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